188 women, trans, and nonbinary individuals who can become pregnant take legal action against the Maltese state.

Today the women’s rights foundation is resorting to a judicial protest against the health minister, the secretary for equality and reforms, and the state’s attorney, because according to them these are violating their fundamental rights. In their words, the abortion ban does not change the fact that abortion is a health service and abortion laws have not stopped being fulfilled, and they emphasized that most are aware that every day a Maltese woman has an abortion and Malta is the only country in Europe to criminalize these women and prevent the procedure from being carried out safely and legally, claiming that this blatant violation of human rights by the state and is causing a detriment of the physical, mental and social health of women.  
People who had abortions for various reasons, in various countries, and in various circumstances, some safer than others, were among the 188 people who signed the judicial protest, as were people who had to have a forced pregnancy against their will and their physical and mental health, in which some of them had been raped or sexually abused and were afraid of getting pregnant from that abuse when they knew that instead of support, they would get a conviction. There were also those with health issues who were afraid that an unintended pregnancy would jeopardise their health, mothers who wanted a better future for their children, and young people who wanted a better future for themselves. Professional teachers, doctors, and social workers from all walks of life were part of this group including also lesbian women, gender non-binary people, or trans men. This is an issue that affects (LGBT) as well, they stated.