60 students visit the turtle nest at Ramla Bay in Gozo

During an educational activity held at Ramla Bay in Gozo, 60 Gozitan students visited the turtle nest at Ramla Bay, in an opportunity to further learn about marine life.
Organised by the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, as part of the ‘Saving Our Blue’ campaign in collaboration with NatureTrust and the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), the activity welcomed children from SkolaSajf and Girl Guides. Volunteers on site explained to the children the work they are carrying out and also about the Wildlife Rescue Team, Blue Flag beaches and how microplastics are negatively impacting the marine life.
The mascots ‘Maggie the Turtle’ and ‘Stephen the Seagull’ were brought in for the activity, to explain the damage caused by waste disposed irresponsibly and illegally on marine life. The children had the opportunity to share their ideas on sustainable solutions and practices.

Through GLOBE Observer App, an app used to report clouds conditions, the children also learned how clouds are formed and what is impacting climate change.
“Teaching about climate change and its environmental impacts is an ongoing practice. One of the best educational experiences for children is one that is hands on. We will keep on working to provide our children with such experiences,” said Minister Miriam Dalli.
The Saving Our Blue campaign is underway until 17th September, coinciding with World Clean-up Day. Interested participants are encouraged to contact the team through Saving Our Blue pages on Facebook and Instagram. Further information on initiatives can be found on www.savingourblue.gov.mt . ​