Common EU charger

Parliament is set to approve the new law establishing a single charging solution for mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronics in the EU.
By the end of 2024, a whole range of small and medium-sized portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and headphones, will have to be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port. This law is part of a broader effort to make products in the EU more sustainable, reduce e-waste and make consumers’ lives easier. The directive further harmonises fast charging technology, provides consumers with clear information on charging characteristics and lets buyers choose whether they want to purchase new electronics with or without a charging device.
These new obligations will lead to more chargers being reused and will help consumers save up to 250 million euro a year on unnecessary charger purchases. Disposed of and unused chargers account for about 11 000 tonnes of e-waste annually.
After a decade of pushing by the Parliament, the Commission presented a proposal on the common charger in September 2021.