Alaa Abd El-Fattah locked up in Egypt to silence his activism

A group of MPs and peers have written to the UK government, pleading for immediate assistance for a British-Egyptian activist who is now imprisoned in Egypt.
Alaa has entered day 56 of his hunger strike in protest of his terrible circumstances of detention on May 27, 2022. His health is worsening rapidly and substantially.
Alaa’s relatives alleged that he was physically attacked in prison on May 12, 2022. Ten Members of Parliament and 17 Members of the House of Lords encouraged Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss and the UK government to act quickly to ensure the activist’s release on May 18, 2022.

Alaa, who is now a dual British-Egyptian citizen, has yet to get a consular visit from the UK, has been refused access to his UK attorneys, and is still requesting that a judge review the complaints he and his family have submitted over his unfair incarceration.
Alaa has been jailed or charged under every Egyptian government in his lifetime, spending more than 3,000 days behind bars since 2011. He has been unjustly sentenced on unsubstantiated charges which include “spreading false news”, “undermining national security“, “using social media to commit a publishing offence“, and “belonging to a terrorist group”, and has been arbitrarily detained since 2019.

Source:  Access Now