Apple’s Cook says app store bypass would violate users’ privacy

Apple’s Cook says app store bypass would violate users’ privacy

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April 12, 2022- Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said that proposed app store regulations in the U.S. and European Union would put iPhone users’ privacy at risk.

“If we are forced to let unvetted apps onto iPhones, the unintended consequences will be profound,” Cook said during a keynote address at the Global Privacy Summit on Tuesday in Washington. “Data-hungry companies would be able to avoid our privacy rules and once again track our users against their will.”

Apple is under scrutiny worldwide for its app store policy. The EU is working on legislation that would force the company to allow apps to be installed from outside the Apple App Store, threatening Apple’s influence over its platform and potentially limiting its ability to collect a commission from developers.

In the U.S., two bills that would regulate app stores operated by Apple and Google have the best chance of becoming law among proposals aimed at reining in big tech companies. In July, three dozen states sued Google, alleging the company abused its power over the app industry through the Google Play Store on mobile devices.

Keynote: Tim Cook, Apple CEO (IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022)

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