Arnold Cassola asking about “secretly” meetings

Clayton Bartolo secretly “brainstorming” district restauranteurs and hoteliers this week- Arnold Cassola

Profs. Arnold Cassola an Independent candidate who will be contesting on the 10th and 11th districts raised some questions regarding the project that was planned to take place in Bugibba Square.
By Karelj – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
He said that following a press conference held last July, it was promised by Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo that Bugibba square is to be regenerated through an investment of 1.4 million euros.
Cassola says that this landscaping project for which computer-generated images and plans were presented had to commence last year and had to be finished before summer 2022.
Cassola is asking “We are now approaching summer 2022 and the promised project did not commence yet. May I ask, are plans still standing, or have they been amended? Will present illegalities such as taking up public pavement and placing tables and chairs in the same square be addressed?
 Will this public open area be truly public without any concessions to business? Will public benches be installed?  Is this what Clayton Bartolo is secretly discussing with the hospitality and restaurant owners of his electoral district?”
 “Why is he “secretly” meeting the hospitality and restaurant people in the district.  Why has he not informed the general public of the project?  The public deserves an explanation,” affirms Cassola.
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