Arnold Cassola – No threat by Joseph Muscat is going to stop me from doing my duty towards our country.

 Arnold Cassola – Disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has resorted to Facebook to rouse the rabble against “the usual people”. Well, I can assure Joseph Muscat that the “usual people” Arnold Cassola will not stop at ensuring that those who have ruined Malta’s environment, reputation, and honor are brought to book. The man who has allowed our country to be robbed by Electrogas, Vitals, AUM, and Pilatus, whilst he continued to befriend a known suspected assassin, should hide his face in shame rather than appeal to the thousands of people who, he states, follow him. Justice must be done not only with Joseph Muscat but also with all those whom he used to rape our country environmentally and financially. A true socialist should appeal to the masses to safeguard the common good of the Maltese people and not only when a relative of his is involved in misdeeds. Typical of Muscat’s lack of transparency, he has failed to inform the “eluf ta’ ilħna” that Frederick Azzopardi is married to his cousin.