Malcolm Seychell – Heroes and war on Russia

Unfortunately, many of our politicians still believe that Malta has the same weight in Europe and the world as much as America, China and Russia do.
A couple of years ago we had the nationalist’s blue heroes. A group of people who preach democracy as long as that democracy fits their own needs and values. They worked from the first day against their
leader Dr. Adrian Delia, to oust him. They invented all kinds of stories about his personal life, corruption(which never was proved), etc, etc. They managed to get rid of Delia and put instead Dr. Bernard Grech for a few years because as she is aware enough they are already working internally for the next leader. These bad decisions by the blue heroes resulted in another heavy defeat for the PN and practically left Malta without an opposition. The only thing they manage to achieve is to group all people with different backgrounds and ideas against them.
In the meantime, Roberta Metsola has been elected President of the European Parliament. Surely a position to be proud with. However, it seems that she is still in Malta and now instead of doing a war within her party, she wants to drive Europe into a war with Russia.
Frequently she says that we have all the same values in Europe and that we are a democracy. What Democracy may I ask? That you want to impose sanctions on Hungary because their elected prime minister doesn’t want his people to suffer in this useless war and doesn’t back the sanctions the EU is trying to impose? To show further hypocrisy now she is not speaking anymore on sanctions against Poland since this country took a stand against Russia. So now Poland all of a sudden now has European values.
The sanctions are not affecting Russia but mainly Europeans and eventually Africans which soon will come in millions via illegal immigration towards Europe due to this war. It’s pathetic and stupid, to say the least, to isolate Russia. Russia is a country full of natural resources which nobody can do without. In fact thanks to Metsola now the ties between Russia and China became stronger.
Metsola has to digest the fact that it is Europe that needs Russia and not Russia needs Europe. Europe is an aging continent, with snowflake leaders, whose priorities are stupidies rather than serious issues to improve people’s lives. Russia has controlled inflation, its currency is stronger than before the war started, its current account is in a surplus and most important they are self-sufficient. The only Russians who are suffering are those living in Europe, and their only problem for the EU is that they are Russian-born, so the fake democracy of Europe made it legal to discriminate against them.
Metsola believes in the EU project at all costs. She is ignoring all the issues common citizens have, just like they did in Brexit, and today we have a confirmation that they learned nothing. She says Ukraine should be part of the EU as soon as possible. This will mean cheaper labor apart from other problems. She says Zelensky and Ukraine have our values and democracy. I ask what democracy and values?
 In Ukraine, the opposition leader has been arrested for months even before the war.
 Zelensky and his friends in the government are mentioned in the Pandora papers
 Tv stations and newspapers pro Russia and not pro-EU have been closed( Metsola did the same
in all of Europe)
 Ukraine is without opposition
 Ukraine is placed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It’s even worse than Zambia,
 Burkino Faso, and Panama( yes Panama you read correctly)
 Journalists have been killed
 Violence against ethnic Russians has been going on for years.
So it is clear that the EU doesn’t believe in democracy, but uses democracy as an excuse to keep enlarging Europe as long as those who are in government are Pro EU and puppets of Brussels.
I sincerely hope that someone in the EU will stop this madness as a prolonged war is going to eliminate the middle class and put millions of people into poverty. The PN also has the result of what another blue hero leader will lead the PN in.

Written by  Malcolm Seychell.