Bulgaria becomes a regional gas supply hub.

After meeting with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans on Thursday in Brussels, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Asen Vassilev announced the establishment of a regional coordination centre to manage the overall use of gas and electricity infrastructure as well as additional gas purchases for the Balkans and Italy (28 April).

“Bulgaria is able to replace all gas supplies from Russia”, Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev told reporters in Brussels.

The visit was prompted by Gazprom’s decision to halt gas deliveries to Bulgaria.
He said,  “Instead, we’ll get gas and liquefied natural gas through the southern gas corridor through Greece and Turkey.”

“There will be no problems with supplies even in the winter,” Vassilev assured.

The regional coordination center will operate in Bulgaria, managing general support for gas and electricity infrastructure throughout the region, including Italy. It will take effect within two weeks, the deputy prime minister said in response to a question from the media
Bulgaria has no intention of opening a ruble account with Gazprombank, Asen Vassilev told reporters. So far, our country has paid for gas purchases in dollars.

“We have never left our contract with Gazprom, and Gazprom has stopped fulfilling it unilaterally,” Asen Vassilev was adamant.

Bulgargaz, Bulgaria’s gas firm, is considering suing Gazprom over the suspension of deliveries, and other gas sources might be cheaper than Russian ones.

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