Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under criticism

As other Western allies increase shipments, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under mounting criticism at home and abroad for his government’s inability to supply heavy weaponry to Ukraine to assist it to fend off Russian strikes.
Western countries are sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, but not Germany.
While the German government refuses to specify what was sent so far, the Bundeswehr has sent 83 million euros worth of stock ( using the depreciated value) and last week earmarked 1.4 billion euros to help Ukraine buy weapons, including 400 million euros directed for the European Peace facility funding in Kyiv, nearly a third of it’s total 1.5 billion euro budget.

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One thought on “Chancellor Olaf Scholz is under criticism

  1. Does the EU know where all these weapons are going? Are they aware as to whether they are arming mercenaries?

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