Cybersecurity of 5G networks

Today, EU Member States issued a report on Open RAN cybersecurity with the cooperation of the European Commission and ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity. This new form of 5G network architecture will give an alternate means of delivering the radio access component of 5G networks based on open interfaces in the future years.
EU citizens and businesses who use modern and creative apps offered by 5G and future generations of mobile communication networks should have the greatest level of security. Following on from the coordinated effort done at the EU level to improve the security of 5G networks with the EU Toolbox on 5G Cybersecurity, Member States have examined the security implications of Open RAN.
The open RAN idea is still in its initial phases, and cybersecurity remains a serious problem. Open RAN would increase a lot of security issues, particularly in the short term, by increasing network complexity.
These concerns include a wider attack surface and more entry points for malicious actors, a higher chance of network misconfiguration, and potential effects on other network activities due to resource sharing.’

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