DARPA SemaFor program

DARPA SemaFor Program


DARPA – (DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY) has announced earlier this month a new program called Semantic forensics (SemaFor). This program aims to develop technologies to automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified media (e.g., text, audio, image, video) to defend against automated disinformation.

Kitware, Inc., Purdue University, SRI International, and the University of California, Berkeley are working on the SemaFor program, with an expected completion date of July 2024.

The four teams of researchers will focus on developing three specific types of algorithms: semantic detection, attribution, and characterization algorithms. These will help analysts understand the “what,” “who,” “why,” and “how” behind the manipulations as they filter and prioritize media for review.

“Imagine a news article with embedded images and an accompanying video that depicts a protest. Are you able to confirm elements of the scene location from cues within the image? Does the text appropriately characterize the mood of protestors, in alignment with the supporting visuals? On SemaFor, we are striving to make it easier for human analysts to answer these and similar questions, helping to more rapidly determine whether media has been maliciously falsified,” said Dr. Matt Turek, the DARPA program manager leading SemaFor.

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