Digital Services: EU leads way in reining in Big Tech and protecting users

The landmark EU digital rules oblige online companies to protect users from illegal content, increase accountability and limit the market power of tech giants.
Parliament is set to hold the final vote on Tuesday 5 July on the new Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), two key bills aiming to address the societal and economic effects of the tech industry by setting standards for a safer, more open digital space for users and fairer digital market for businesses.
Under the DSA, online platforms – such as social media and marketplaces – will have to take measures to protect their users from illegal content and goods. Very large online platforms and services will be subject to stricter obligations, proportionate to the risks they pose to society. Big tech firms will have to be more transparent about their operations and act to prevent the spread of disinformation and adverse effects on fundamental rights. Targeted advertising will be restricted and “dark patterns” and other misleading practices banned.
The DMA focuses on the unfair practices employed by the biggest online platforms acting as “gatekeepers” in the digital market, such as social networks, messengers and search engines. The aim is to establish a level playing field to encourage growth and innovation, and greater choice for users.

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