Dismantling of Three Sisters monument of friendship

Monument to friendship between Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to be demolished in Chernihiv region

In the village of Senkovka in the Chernihiv region, the process of dismantling the Three Sisters monument dedicated to the “friendship of peoples” of Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation has begun. About it report in Chernihiv OVA.
“The regional administration will prepare a package of documents for deregistration of the monument in Senkovka, dedicated to the “friendship of the peoples” of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, as a historical monument of local significance. This decision was unanimously adopted today at a meeting of the Advisory Council on the Protection of Cultural Heritage under the Department of Culture and tourism, nationalities and religions of the Chernihiv OVA,” the message says on Thursday, May 12.
In 1975, a monument was constructed at the intersection of the borders of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and Belarus as a historical marker. According to reports, the OVA will send the Ministry of Culture with the requisite deregistration documentation, and the monument will subsequently be demolished.
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