Does the Japanese car mileage scam involve even commercial vehicles?

Arnold Cassola in a press release said ” On the background of the colossal fraud perpetrated at the expense of consumers by crooks like “Tal-Qasab” and “Rokku Auto dealer”, nothing is being said about the commercial vehicles imported from Japan.       
These vehicles are better known by Transport Malta as N 2 and do not require a Jevic certificate for entry into Malta.
The Jevic certificate is not compulsory for such vehicles and thus one cannot simply access the mileage through the Jevic website, as one does for cars.   For example, in 2020, a client bought an Isuzu van from “Tal-Qasab” auto dealer. The mileage reading was 86754km and the price was €17,500.
At the time, Isuzu vans in similar condition but with mileage exceeding 200,000km were selling at other dealers at €12,500.
Could it be that this commercial vehicle bought from the former client invited by the Prime Minister to Castille for a meeting and photo opportunity was subjected to tampering of the odometer ?
If the answer is yes, that means that the scandal is extended to commercial vehicles also.  
The MCCAA have been informed of this case.
Are there others?” concluded Arnold Cassola,Independent candidate