End Golden Passport scheme – ADPD

End Golden Passport scheme – ADPD


At a webinar discussion organised by the Federation of Young European Greens – the official youth wing of the European Green Party – Vula Tsetsi (EGP committee member), Greens/EFA MEP Saskia Bricmont, and ADPD candidate Mina Tolu spoke out about the double standards, ethical and security issues brought about by Golden Passport and Visa schemes across the EU, especially in Malta.

Introducing the recent EP report on Golden Passports and Visas which calls for a phaseout of these schemes in the EU, Bricmont stated “these passports represent high risks of corruption; money laundering; risks to the local economies especially the housing market; and ethical issues. […] They grant the right to citizenship; to conduct business which means they are introducing dirty money into our EU economies.”

Tsetsi reminded that “the European Commission launched infringement procedures against Cyprus but also against Malta, issuing letters where they say that it is not possible to use the citizen schemes […] these infringement procedures have not been concluded. Malta is under extreme pressure now. This is a real political problem.”

Tolu replied “it is indeed a huge political problem. For example, spending 16 million € from the Golden Passport scheme for a race track to our ears as Greens sounds ridiculous. Neither of those things should exist. It is one thing after another as Partit Laburista continues to defend this scheme and try to paint it as a positive thing for Malta. Trying to connect it to the electoral proposals they are making that will only destroy the little environment we have left.”

Bricmont responded, “Malta is the last country to not have said anything besides the fact that they would apply to suspend the system for Russian oligarchs. Why is this important? Coupled with other sanctions it avoids business money made in the EU by oligarchs going back to Russia to aid Putin’s regime and the war. It is an indirect way to help the Ukrainians.”

Tsetsi stressed the need for European solidarity and a European approach and solution to help the countries at the borders of the EU when it comes to migration . We need a EU migration policy based on solidarity and promotes open societies

Tolu concluded by calling out the double standards of PLPN, who will not listen to migrants, third country nationals, and refugees in Malta who have no recourse to access citizenship “just because they are not millionaires.” They commented, “we do not need the far right to fuel hatred against migrants in Malta, by ignoring real issues the Partit Laburista is already doing this themselves. The Golden Passport and Visas schemes prove that systemic racism and classism are the key drivers for ‘Fortress Europe’s’ policies and practices on migration.”

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