EU and US against China’s stand with Russia

The European Union and the United States emphasized on Friday that any support from Beijing for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, or any assistance to Moscow in evading Western sanctions, would harm bilateral relations.
On Thursday and Friday in Brussels, US deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman and Stefan Sannino, the head of the EU’s diplomatic service, conducted extensive meetings.
The EU’s diplomatic service and the US State Department issued a joint statement recognizing the “extraordinary demonstration of transatlantic unity” against the invasion of Ukraine.
” They will continue to urge China not to circumvent or undermine sanctions against Russia, and not to provide any form of support for Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, and reaffirmed that such support would have consequences for our respective relationships with China,” the statement said.
From the viewpoint of Chinese authorities. Europeans have been pulled into supporting Ukraine on Washington’s initiative, even though it is in their best interests as Russian gas buyers.

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