Germans asked to conserve energy

Germans asked to conserve energy

Germans should start saving energy to become less dependent on Russian fossil fuels, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, as Europe’s largest country looks for ways to reduce its dependence on Moscow.

As civilian deaths continue to mount in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany is under pressure to become independent of gas and oil, as critics claim the revenues provide Moscow with vital funds for waging war.

Habeck said Germany could become less dependent if citizens reduced their energy consumption. He suggested using trains or bicycles instead of cars whenever possible.

German gas storage is at about 29%, a comparatively low level for this time of year. Normally, storage is replenished with cheap Russian gas in the summer, when demand is lower.

Experts have warned the German government to ensure high gas storage levels to be less vulnerable to Russian threats in the coming winter. In March, the government passed a law requiring gas storage facilities to be 90% full before winter.

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