Green Fingers Club needs your support

The Green Fingers Club serves as an example of how even the most lifeless ground can recover into a forest. They established a completely organic vegetable garden, converted white dust into soil in three years, and planted 350 trees so far.
Their goal is to keep planting a large number of trees each year until they establish a mature woodland which everyone can enjoy.
Their motto is: Let’s Make Malta Green Again!
Green Fingers Club is a resource for all citizens to learn about organic farming, tree-growing, and indoor food production.
Their ambition is to empower people with the information they need to take action in regreening their own communities.
How can you Help ?
  • Organise CSR Team Building Activities at Green Fingers Club,
  • Book different Workshops which are offered on site or at your own location,
  • Call for a consultation visit, to start growing Food on your land, garden, and even at Home in Small Spaces,
  •  Buy their Premium Worm Castings Liquid Fertilizer, made naturally by their friendly worms, it will work wonders on your Trees, Veggies and House Plants!
  • Adopt a tree to help them continue planting more trees each year:
(When you adopt a Tree you will have your own Customized Name and Tree Adoption Certificate and prices are from 25 euro to 250 euro.)
Due to the high costs and labor-intensive nature of everything, Green Fingers club is requesting your assistance in the form of contributions or volunteer work.
For more information Call or Text Nadia on (356) 99497325
Feel welcome to Follow them on Facebook : Green Fingers Club Malta

Access more information and photos here