Idol worshipping and humanity

Freeing oneself from the system

I will give my view of things from time to time. With what I write I do not want to condemn anyone, but I believe that sometimes it helps to understand situations in which we find ourselves if we begin to look at things from different angles.
Since ancient times, people have always found their idols to worship and created fictional characters to follow based on their illusions.
These thoughts have been controlled over the years and deeply embedded in our subconscious by the system. They have been so well implanted that for many they have created a reality different from that which is factual and logical.
People have succumbed to these thought manipulators and continue to do so till today.
Some of them have realized how the system has taken over their consciousness, and when they stood up and took back their power, they found that they were excluded from the rest of the controlled society.
Rebellion, a troublemaker, conspiracy theorist, crazy, are some of the “labels” that have been attached to these now conscious people.
While others choose to stay blindfolded and obey their fictional idols, the world now seems to have two different colonies.
It is always up to the person to decide whether to remain in the controlled colony of obedience or to find their true self based on the freedoms given by God.
I bow down to no one, but only to the ONE who created me and is found within.
Free Spirit