Is Malta still Maltese? Part 1

Is Malta still Maltese? Part 1 written by A.Heart

It is very much certain that the tourism sector has an essential economic impact on our island. Malta is a great place for a holiday as it offers an amazing heritage, good weather, beautiful sea and a warm welcome from its citizens amongst other privileges. It has also been said that foreigners coming to work in the country are very much essential for the economy to keep on going. However, some Maltese citizens are also concerned when such expats eventually decide to make this country their own permanent place of residence.
The island is approximately 122 sq mi, with a population of 516,000 (registered). This makes it the 4th most densely populated country in the world.
Due to the increase of habitants, most of the green areas are being sacrificed for accommodation constructions to cater accordingly. It is quite a pity as Malta and Gozo enjoy beautiful landscapes which are now being converted similarly to a lego built city.
Everything is linked and somehow food will also become a problem. Less land to cultivate means less fruit and vegetable output. At a certain point, we will have to increase the food import, full of preservatives and less healthier than the local products matured by our beautiful sun and fertile soil.
Lot has been said as regards the need of foreigners to work in particular jobs which Maltese people avoid. Well, to start with a Maltese worker is much harder to be exploited as he cannot be deported if he does not abide by all which is dictated by the employer. Foreigners are more likely to work in bad conditions as most often they have no choice. Most foreign workers come from third countries whereas ‘sacrifice and acceptance ‘ seems to be part of their culture. It is quite difficult to find Europeans doing their same jobs. Moreover, even if wages in Malta are not that high, these are still more than enough compared to what some TCNs earn in their countries and thus can send amounts of money being enough to support the family abroad. The jobs offered to these people are mainly in construction, garbage collection, waiters, food delivery, cashiers and carers.
One point to mention and as stated, accommodation should be available to host this influx of workers who also decide to remain in Malta and most likely bring their families to settle once and for all at a later stage. In due circumstances, one can say that construction workers are eventually building their own accommodations which they buy or rent at high payments that can be paid by the many occupants on the contrary of the traditional Maltese family which seek independence. When it comes to waiters and cashiers, students seeking part time jobs in these areas so as to gain some pocket money are finding it difficult to be employed. Food delivery is becoming somehow dangerous as most foreign drivers are not used to drive on the left in their country and overtaking is done carelessly so as to increase deliveries in order to earn more money. Garbage collection can be improved by adding adequate quantities of skips in proper places and automated trucks can easily collect the garbage without the need of a ‘crew’ stopping traffic whatsoever. There’s no doubt that Maltese people can perform with excellence as carers giving that proper wages and conditions are offered. At least with all due respect, they are able to communicate with the patient much more easier.
Keeping health as the subject, the hospital is already facing different issues one of which is to host a number of patients. Although the authorities are aware of such situations, nothing seems to be planned as regards. More population means more sickness and hospital requirements.
These are some facts which it is wise to consider. I am not being a racist or have interest to harm anyone, but we have to look at the greater picture.

I will continue to write on this topic in my next blog. In the meantime, everyone is free to comment with responsibility and no offence.