Kosovo to ban certain food exports

Kosovo will temporarily ban the export of some food items

The government has announced that Kosovo will temporarily ban the export of some foodstuffs in light of the global food, energy, and fuel crisis.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the decision was made to ensure that citizens have access to essential goods such as wheat, corn, flour, cooking oil, salt, and sugar.

Kurti said “The Russian military invasion and aggression in Ukraine has affected the food supply chain in Europe. Today MINT has brought the decision that prohibits the export and re-export of some agro-food products.”

Minister of Trade, Rozeta Hajdari, said that continuing the export of some items might endanger the supply for citizens.

“Exports and re-exports of goods, no matter how small, could jeopardize the supply of our population in the future. In cooperation with Kosovo Customs and by following the exports daily, therefore to alleviate the situation, we propose to make a temporary ban on some basic products,” she said.

Serbia and northern Macedonia have imposed similar bans on the export of essential goods. In the case of Serbia, this concerns the export of grain, which is, however, exported to Albania and northern Macedonia under the Open Balkans Initiative.

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