Life is a lesson

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Life is a lesson and the people we meet in our lives are the teachers. Throughout our lives, we are confronted with various situations that can change our perspective. It is not the situations themselves, but rather the actions that affect us. I have met different personalities in my life. Some have been there to support me, some to take advantage of my kindness, and some to abuse it. I am sure that most of you have met the same personalities.

From childhood, I was fascinated by the different behaviors of the people around me, but at that age, my naivety tempted me to acknowledge their behavior. I used to justify their attitude, but that led to pain and suffering. Trust was based on love without expecting anything in return. It took me years to realize that most people use this to their advantage and then abandon you or, worse, try to destroy you so they can have control over your life. Narcissists, for example, tend to dramatize to gain your sympathy and always end up blaming others rather than themselves. This can lead to possible psychological damage to the recipient.

Ego and greed are other traits that can lead to the manipulation of others. They crave dominance and would leave destruction in their wake without showing remorse for their actions. As an empathetic person, all these qualities could put you in a state of misery.

There is a quote :

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”

Tao Te Ching

One can interpret this quote in different ways. In my opinion, as I wrote at the beginning of this blog, the teachers are the people we allow to participate in our lives to learn our lessons. It is up to us to complete the lesson and move forward, or we can choose to remain trapped in the same chapter.

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  1. A very objective article. Teachers are known to make or break a student…without generalising id say that, they do tend to have a domineering trait in their character, which probably forms part of their job…but now from domineering they have become outright dictators, being blind and deaf to childrens’ needs! This is shocking to say the least…and Im sure it will leave serious repercussions in future…both education-wise, psychological and social. With a main repercussion being mistrust of students, parents and society at large!

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