Loneliness or solitude?

Loneliness or solitude?-A.Heart

It is said that human beings are not bound to stay alone. Every person needs another to live a better life, however, some people think otherwise.
These individuals may have experienced bitter situations in life, being betrayed, backstabbed, a love affair or marriage went wrong or an event that turned them to trust only themselves.
It seems very hard at first but eventually, they will adapt, and become stronger and self-sufficient.
I also think that an individual may be surrounded by a large crowd and still feels lonely, while on the other hand, he/she may stand by him/herself and feels complete.
All this leads to the fact that everything depends on the individual himself. It is like that person creating his/her world in this bigger one, cultivating what personally satisfies him/her most while eliminating what causes distress. There will be more freedom and lots of choices without the intervention or influence of others.

As long as one adapts to this type of solitude, s/he will find better peace, focus, and knowledge of who s/he is, caring for oneself with pure and sincere love. This is not easy for everyone as all of us have a different character that separates the strong and the weak at heart. Solitude may be a gift but can become a curse if not controlled. Turning into loneliness, it becomes the destruction of the individual. The person will feel useless, unworthy, desperate, and depressed. S/he wishes that s/he was better off dead or never been born at all. No hope, no dreams, and no goals to reach…existing rather than living. S/he will be vulnerable, accepting anyone for friends or a relationship and becoming a slave to the situation.

Identifying a solitary type person from a lonely one will be very easy. While the first person seems strong, determined, and knows what to accomplish, the latter will look sad and without any enthusiasm whatsoever. This human being lacks love and care, deserving better in life. A simple smile, a good word, or a benevolent gesture are free of charge but priceless to comfort a lonely person. These may change his/her life for the better, feeling worthy and blessed.

In today’s hectic world, most of the people do not even notice such individuals as they are focused on other things. It is such a pity as I come to think of the lonely elderly, feeling so desperate, especially after what they have contributed when still strong to help achieve a better society. The pain is so unbearable at times that such despair leads to death.
Can you think of someone who needs a simple kind gesture from yourself? You may make the difference….