May 4 Constitutional Case updates

Constitutional Case Baldacchino Vs the superintendent of Public Health Shortly Updates

The hearing started at around 13.25 – there were some sound issues as the testimony was being held online.
 Professor Ulrike Kaemmerer in her testimony refers to immunity as a form of protection and discusses filters in the nose cavity.
She also stated that natural immunity in most healthy individuals may aid in combating the virus and preventing it from replicating.
She said that if a person is asymptomatic and the PCR test results are positive, he cannot spread the virus-like a sick person.
Profs. Kaemmerer went on to say that if PCR tests are being used on a daily basis, we will continue to see positive cases since the virus will be with us throughout the year, and when immunity is low due to weather changes in Autumn /Winter, we will see a rise in positive cases.
She continues, claiming that natural immunity is far superior to vaccination immunity and that no one still knows what will be the effects of these vaccines.
When asked about cotton masks, she said that in her opinion as an immunologist masks can accumulate a variety of bacteria and funguses and that they should be replaced often.
Dr. Ragonesi inquired about restrictions for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
Profs. Kaemmerer stated that the vaccinations have only been authorized for emergency use and that there should be no difference between persons who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated.
The lawyer in defense of the Public health asked about the qualifications of Profs. Kaemmerer, the witness that was testifing.
Profs. Kaemmerer replied by giving extensive detail of her fields of expertise, amongst other things which include PCR being a qualified immunologist and virologist also that she is an academic and practicing medic at the University hospital of Wurzburg.

Next hearing will be 10th June 2022 at noon.


If you would like to Profs. Kaemmerer publications you can see them on this link.