More restrictions to be lifted

More Covid restrictions being lifted

This morning during a live program TVAM the Minister of Health Dr.Fearne said that cases in ITU remained low and more restrictions will be lifted.

Therefore, as of April 10 (Sunday), outdoor standing events no longer require a vaccination card, and there is no limit on the number of people who may be in a crowd.

Indoor standing events will still require a certificate.

Fearne advised people to remain responsible and avoid crowding at social clubs.

As of April 11,  those flying in from red zones will require a  vaccine or recovery pass (not more than 180 days) or a negative PCR (not more than 72 hours).A legal notice will be published this week.

Face coverings, which are presently not required, but still suggested outdoors, will likewise at this point not be mandatory in schools after April 13.

Self-testing will begin being allowed as of this current week. These kits will be available to purchase from authorized places. Assuming the outcome ends up being positive, the individual  needs to go into quarantine and address their GP.

The second booster will be offered to those with immunocompromised conditions and people in homes for the elderly. This will be voluntary and will not have an impact on the vaccination certificate.

“We will gradually approach normality while protecting the vulnerable,” Fearne said.

Quarantine for positive cases will remain mandatory.


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