Musk accusing Zuckerberg for having too much control

“Zuckerberg has too much power in social media”- Elon Musk


Zuckerberg has too much power in social media, says would-be Twitter chief Musk
Tesla CEO mocks Meta CEO with comparison to King Louis XIV and promises different stock ownership.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mocked Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for owning major media platforms, while Musk himself is trying to buy major media platform Twitter.

Speaking at a Ted conference in Vancouver, Musk accused Zuckerberg of having too much control over public debate as the owner of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media.

“As for media sort of ownership, I mean, you’ve got Mark Zuckerberg owning Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp, and with a share ownership structure that will have Mark Zuckerberg XIV still controlling those entities,” said Musk, seemingly referring to King Louis XIV, the “Sun King” whose wealth and power were legendarily vast. “We won’t have that at Twitter,” added Musk.

The news that Musk may own Twitter did not go over well with many Twitter employees. As the Washington Post reports, while Twitter is a fairly liberal workplace, Musk has often come under criticism for making fun of gender pronouns and spreading Covid 19 misinformation.

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