Next EU sanctions against Russia

EU sanctions against Russia to target coal imports, shipping and road transport

As proposed on the 5 April , the EU member states on Thursday (April 7) gave the green light to an embargo on Russian coal and the closure of the bloc’s ports to Russian ships because of Moscow’s war in Ukraine, but attention has already shifted to who might stand in the way of possible future energy sanctions.

It is the first time that Europe has targeted the energy sector, on which it is heavily dependent. It imports 45% of its coal from Russia, worth 4 billion euros a year.

However, the embargo will not come into force until the beginning of August, 120 days after the publication of the new package in the Official Journal of the EU, a date that has been repeatedly postponed during discussions.

It has been the subject of heated arguments, with Poland in particular trying to shorten this transition period, albeit unsuccessfully.

Russian and Belarusian road haulers are also now banned from operating in the EU.

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