Pfizer, EU push back Covid vaccine delivery to help booster campaign

Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech SE said on Friday they had agreed to push back deliveries of their Covid-19 vaccines to the European Union by three months as the bloc prepares for a potential booster campaign in the fall.
The companies amended their supply agreement with the European Commission to push back delivery of doses scheduled for June through August until September through the fourth quarter of this year.
“This amendment meets legitimate concerns on matching supply and demand, whilst ensuring security of vaccine supply if and when this is needed later in the year,” EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides said in a statement.
Other vaccine versions aimed targeting the Omicron strain of the coronavirus are now being tested by Pfizer and BioNTech. EU nations will have access to delivery in the form of modified vaccines if one of those vaccines is approved by the autumn or winter season, according to the European Commission.
According to Pfizer and its German partner, the change in delivery timetable has no influence on the businesses’ full-year revenue expectation or the full-year commitment of doses to be supplied to the area in 2022.
Pfizer, by far the main supplier to the EU, agreed last May with EU states to deliver up to 1.8 billion vaccines for up to 35 billion euros, in the largest supply deal ever signed during the pandemic.

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