Pfizer vaccine loses its effectiveness against omicron within weeks

According to a research, the Pfizer vaccine loses its effectiveness against omicron within weeks.
Immunity conferred by the Pfizer vaccine against the omicron coronavirus variant fades within weeks of receiving a second and third dose, according to a peer-reviewed study published Friday in JAMA Network Open.
Danish researchers discovered that antibody levels dropped swiftly after the vaccine series was completed, and that they were less protective than with the prior wild, alpha, and delta coronavirus types. In comparison to the latter, protection against omicron decreased by 76% four weeks after the second injection and 53% after eight weeks. By 12 to 14 weeks, it had dropped to 19 percent.
Antibody levels in the blood dropped 5.4-fold three weeks after getting the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, despite obtaining a short boost. “Vaccine-induced protective antibody responses following a second and third dose of BNT162b2 are transient, and additional booster doses may be required, particularly in older people,” the researchers wrote. “However, conserved T-cell immunity and non-neutralizing antibodies may still provide protection against hospitalisation and death.”

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