Photo exhibition organised by the Embassy of Vietnam

Speaker of the House of Representatives Dr Anġlu Farrugia, President of the Vietnamese Association in Malta Mr Nguyen Hoai Nam, and First Secretary at the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ms Hoang Oanh took part in the opening of a photo exhibition organised by the Embassy of Vietnam in cooperation with the Vietnamese Association in Malta. The exhibition formed part of a cultural event to commemorate the 77th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day.
In his address, Speaker Farrugia referred to the objective the exhibition, titled ‘Rendes-vous with Vietnam in Malta’, was trying to reach, which was the promotion of understanding of Vietnam’s way of life in Malta. He added that the wide spectrum and different aspects of Vietnamese life which the photos so artfully portray and the large number of people who will be viewing and admiring the beautiful images in Parliament’s foyer on the same day during the Notte Bianca event will go a long way towards enhancing the understanding of Vietnamese culture by Maltese society.​