Poland refuse to continue buying Covid 19 vaccines

Poland on Tuesday, April 19 stated that it won’t take or pay for more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine under the EU’s contract, prompting a legal battle with manufacturers, Reuters reported. EU countries have been receiving vaccines under contracts agreed by the EU Commission and vaccine makers. But Poland has seen low vaccine uptake and has surplus vaccine stock. “Indeed, the consequence of this will be a legal conflict,” health minister Adam Niedzielski said.
Niedzielski added that negotiations regarding the purchase of vaccines were conducted by the European Commission.
“Unfortunately, here we faced complete inflexibility on the part of the producers,” he said. “There was no way that we could seriously change the terms of this contract, and this contract was signed in a crisis situation.”
The country already has 25 million Covid-19 vaccines in storage and a further 67-70 million doses on order, according to the private news channel TVN24.

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