Sanctions against Russia will leave critical effects in many countries

The crisis in Ukraine is threatening not just global poverty and hunger, but also healthcare, education, and gender equality, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. One of the main causes, according to its spokesmen, is the interruption of agricultural supply from Russia and Ukraine. Another element influencing global well-being and price increases is Western sanctions against Russia.
“One of the main global consequences is the acceleration of global inflation, which is related to growing prices for energy resources,” said Alexander Zaytsev of the Higher School of Economics. “On one hand, European countries are imposing sanctions on Russia; in an attempt to reject its energy resources, they are looking for suppliers in other countries, demand for resources is growing and, accordingly, their prices are increasing, the costs to producers are growing which accelerates inflation which is high already – both in European countries and the US (in March, inflation in these countries reached record highs over past decades) and worldwide. All of this seriously complicates the recovery of the global economy, and especially in Europe, after the COVID-19 crisis,” he explained.
The Russian Embassy in the United States declared in response to the recent anti-Russia sanctions that,
Due to the evident contrived and unfounded nature of the accusations,” they “become increasingly more absurd and indicate Washington’s despair over its inability to bend our country to its will.” “It is time to realize that we won’t be intimidated by the restrictions. The goals and tasks of the special military operation in Ukraine will be attained in any case. Local powers should pay attention that instead of shocks they are expecting in our country, the anti-Russian measures will harm the US itself,” the embassy cautioned.

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