Serbia still refuses to impose sanctions on Russia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić told Prva TV on Sunday that Serbia will continue to oppose international sanctions against Russia.
Serbia presently has no access to the capital market due to its refusal to apply sanctions. Loans are becoming more expensive, with interest rates as high as 7%, and refinancing is becoming more difficult, according to the president.
The people should know that the state is losing a lot, said the president, who claimed that the sanctions against Russia are unfair.
Vucic also questioned why the West is not bombing Russia like it did Serbia in 1999 as it claims that the current events in Ukraine “have never been seen before on European soil.”
On the current gas negotiations with Russia, Vučić said he expects an agreement for a “normal” price on gas to be reached.
“I expect a normal price of gas from Russia. It is important that we have gas. We have a Russian company running the Serbian oil industry. We can import oil only via Croatia’s (pipeline) JANAF,” said Vučić, adding that Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov had promised him that Bulgaria would not cause any problems with the gas transit to Serbia.

Vučić for TV Prva: “I will not give the territorial integrity of Serbia at any cost, period.”


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