Simon Mercieca Exposes Controversial Links in COVID-19 Vaccine Importation

In a recent blog post, Simon Mercieca has potentially exposed a controversial connection involving Andrew Borg Cardona, also known as “il-Boċċa” who is a minority shareholder in Evolve Ltd, the company that was somehow involved in the supply of  COVID-19 vaccines to Malta as appeared on European Commission website  for Vaccines Strategy This revelation is notable given Borg Cardona’s frequent criticisms of the current government, which he often labels as corrupt.
Allegations of Financial Benefit and Hypocrisy
Mercieca’s blog suggests that Borg Cardona has reaped substantial financial benefits from the mandatory vaccination program, which he did not publicly oppose despite his usual condemnations of government actions. The blog points to a possible conflict of interest, implying that Borg Cardona’s silence regarding Health Minister Chris Fearne’s enforcement of the vaccine mandate might be influenced by his financial interests in Evolve Ltd. This has raised questions about potential hypocrisy and corruption.
Democratic Concerns and Public Sentiment
The blog post also addresses broader democratic concerns, noting that the mandatory vaccine policy has been criticized internationally as a threat to democratic freedoms. According to Mercieca, this policy has not only eroded public trust but has also disproportionately benefited individuals like Borg Cardona and his associates, whom he refers to as “Repubblichini.”
Call for Public Demonstration
In light of these revelations, Mercieca calls for public action, urging citizens to join independent candidates in a protest. This demonstration is scheduled for Friday at 5 PM in front of Kastilja and aims to address the perceived injustices of the lockdown and vaccine mandate. Protestors will also demand compensation for those who claim to have been adversely affected by the imported vaccines.
Awaiting Responses
So far, there has been no official response from Andrew Borg Cardona, Evolve Ltd, or the government regarding these allegations. The claims made in Mercieca’s blog are likely to fuel further public debate and scrutiny as more details emerge.
This development underscores ongoing tensions between public health measures, individual financial interests, and democratic accountability in Malta. The upcoming protest is expected to be a significant event, reflecting the public’s reaction to these serious allegations.