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Simply Amazing – A.Heart

The Maltese people are very much known for their hearts of gold, but at times the expectations are without limits. With major supermarkets displaying empty shelves, despite prices boosting up and fear of food scarcity, the Maltese people ignored their needs and those of their children to support the people of Ukraine. Moreover, even though overpopulated, we are inviting Ukrainian refugees to come over, but I cannot understand why we once closed our ports for refugees coming from Libya with so many Maltese citizens grumbling and protesting because of the latter coming to Malta. Are we choosing refugees now?
I am not saying that we should not help, but are we fair with everyone? What are the consequences we will face after we give more than we can afford?
In Malta there are still locals suffering poverty, struggling to have food every day, in need of shelter, medicines and medical treatment yet they are either ignored or put on a waiting list where only God knows when their turn comes. With no offense, it seems that foreigners in Malta are better treated and given rights than the actual Maltese citizens.
What makes me laugh is that the Prime minister said that it is not a solution for those who are hurt to refrain from voting, he will help everyone who turns to him.. lol … so our Primo knows about the people who are so hurt but the time for him to do the miracles is incidentally just before the election.
On the other hand, the opposition leader is so eager to unite Malta but surprisingly he cannot keep his candidates from quitting his party. During the Labour governance, you will hardly see the opposition do its job as frankly, it appears that it does not know what to do, but alas! it is so much convinced and determined in the days before the election.

It transpires that a lot will not be voting in this election. It has also been said that thousands are fed up with these 2 major parties. I wonder whether the reason is because of the citizens becoming aware of what is happening or them being wise enough to keep an open mind for a better future.


A. Heart