Social credit score launched in Bologna

Bologna, Italy, is preparing to implement a social credit score-style system known as the “smart citizen wallet.” For the time being, participation in the program is entirely voluntary.
Users of the “smart citizen wallet,” according to Corriere di Bologna, would gain “digital points” for “virtuous behavior,” such as recycling. Purchases and discounts are possible with the points.
“The citizen will get rewards if he recycles; if he uses public transport; if he manages energy consumption well; if he does not receive sanctions from the municipal authority; if he actively uses the Culture Card,” said councilor Massimo Bugani.
Bologna’s social credit score will vary from China’s in two ways: it will be optional, and negative behavior will not be penalized. The town intends to promote adoption by treating the program like a reward card.
“Obviously, no one will be forced to participate, and whoever wants to give consent can download and use a special application, but I believe there will be many to join,” Bugani continued. “We want citizens to understand that they are not losers but that their behavior is rewarded.”
The Bologna social credit score program’s performance might have a big influence on Italy and the EU, and the program could be expanded if the government likes the outcomes.

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