The Iosif Galea affair- Cassola

After yesterday’s Press release about Iosif Galea. Independent Candidate Arnold Cassola today issued another statement on Galea.
“The Iosif Galea affair: Kummissarju Gafa’, explain or get out
As I had warned yesterday, Iosif Galea has been allowed by the Malta police to roam about freely also because of his strong political connections.
 Galea has been involved in various shady deals and has been under investigation by Italian, German and Maltese authorities for years.
    He has been subject to a European arrest warrant issued by Germany months ago.
   Yet the Maltese police, led by Angelo Gafa’, did not arrest Galea, they let him totally free and allowed him to travel at leisure abroad a number of times.
    This is not a question of stupidity on the Malta police’s part. It is just a servile attitude towards criminals with strong political connections.
    Iosif Galea is strongly connected, through girl friend and father, to the Joseph Muscat and Lydia Abela families.
   The situation here is even more serious: following Galea’s arrest in Italy because of the German arrest warrant, the Malta police quickly fabricated a Maltese arrest warrant to make us believe that Galea was arrested as a result of this Maltese warrant and then fed this false news to a bona fide journalist, who reported this sham fabricated news in good faith
    Angelo Gafa’ must explain today why he tried to mislead the Maltese people or else just get out of the police force asap. And he must take away with him the police PR officer Brandon Pisani, who was complicit in this dirty affair, through his silence.
    After, Valletta, Abdilla, Cutajar and Aquilina Malta’s police force and the Maltese do not deserve to be misled and deceived by another high ranking police officer.
The Iosif Galea Timeline:
2015 Catanzaro prosecuting magistrate, Nicola Grattieri, investigating the ‘Ndrangheta operations in Malta, asks Malta police for collaboration. They do not answer.
September 2021: Iosif Galea is on the radar of interpol for connections with a shady fraud and money laundering scheme in Germany, a company called Bet90
2021: The German Authorities issue a European arrest warrant for Iosip Galea. Malta is part of the European arrest warrant system, but the Maltese do not arrest Galea.
20 May 2022 – Until this date Galea is roaming about freely in Malta.
Between 21-26 May – Galea is allowed to travel freely to Italy by Malta police.
22-26 May – Galea is arrested by the Italian police on strength of German arrest warrant. Maltese police do not say anything about this arrest.
27 May -Maltese police issue (or pretend to issue?) a Maltese European arrest warrant for Galea…….but they do not tell the Maltese public that Galea has already been arrested by Italians.
28 May – Maltese police announce that Galea was arrested in Italy… to make it seem Galea was arrested after Maltese warrant. In reality, Galea had already been arrested days before on strength of German warrant.
Through partner and father, Galea has strong relations with present and former Maltese Prime Ministers’ families.
Arnold Cassola- Independent candidate”