The Odometer fraud: big manoeuvres going on behind the scene

Press release by Arnold Cassola -Independent Candidate
“A number of manoeuvres are going on behind the scenes to ensure that by the time the case goes to court all individual disputes have been settled privately.
   In this respect it would seem that the prosecution is acting as an accomplice in order to delay the arraignment in court of the swindlers.
   Amongst the people who have been swindled by “Tal-Qasab” and Rocco, one finds the chief canvasser of MEP Alex Agius Saliba as well as a number of employees at Transport Malta.
   The swindlers are involved in an operation of appeasing the people swindled by either providing them with new cars or thousands of euro in compensation.
    This kind of solution, which is being encouraged by government, is appalling. Even if individual  compensation is given, the criminal offence is still there and the two car dealers should be arraigned immediately.
     Prime Minister Robert Abela should ensure that no more delaying tactics are resorted to in order to protect people like his friend and former client, Spiteri, “Tal-Qasab”.”

Arnold Cassola

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