The war has harmed the Ukrainian economy

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the war has harmed the Ukrainian economy more than sanctions have harmed the Russian economy.
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that sanctions against the Russian Federation will not be able to stop the war as long as European countries buy oil and gas from Russia. The head of the Foreign Ministry said this in an interview for Welt.
“Our economy has suffered more from the war than the Russian one from sanctions. Although the sanctions are very important and have an effect, they will not be able to stop the Russian war machine as long as Europe continues to buy Russian oil and gas,” Kuleba said.
According to him, the Russian budget is in surplus as a result of abundant gas and oil supplies despite rising energy costs.
“Yes, other sectors are experiencing huge difficulties, retail trade, defense. And in the long term, their economy will be destroyed. But in the short term, they are in a better position than we are,” Kuleba added.
As a result, Ukraine urges its friends and partners for financial assistance and the possibility to continue fighting.


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