Tracking bracelets in Hong Kong to locate Covid-positive residents.

As part of new initiatives to stop the coronavirus from spreading, Hong Kong will require electronic tracking bands for those under home isolation and implement an electronic health code system.
People who have tested positive and are quarantining at home will need to wear the wristbands, which will be introduced on today, to make sure they don’t leave the house while they’re under quarantine.
Chief Executive John Lee pointed out that the Hong Kong Health Code system to be introduced will only be aimed at a specific and small number of people.


China’s health code system has three colours: red, yellow and green. Different provinces or cities may have different rules. But Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province, the first place to enact the health code in February 2020, stated that a red code means a person must observe 14 days of quarantine. A yellow code means a seven-day isolation while a green code basically means no restrictions imposed.
Prof Lo also revealed that the Government is working on the introduction of a “health code” system, by adding the function to the existing “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app.
Monday 11 July in a Press Release on compulsory testing it was stated that fines can go up to $50,000 and imprisonment for six months.