UK Cinemas to introduce digital ID cards for children

May 30-The UK Cinema Association announced a partnership with digital identity provider Yoti, with participating member sites now accepting the Yoti digital ID app as proof of age which will be used to prevent children from viewing films with sexual or violent material.
The digital ID only shows someone is above 18, 15, or 12. To get the digital id, kids have to upload an existing document such as a passport. A selfie to confirm the person on the ID is the one using it is also needed. The data is stored in a database Yoti says it does not have access to.
Phil Clapp, chief executive of the UK Cinema Association said: “Of the 165 million to 170 million admissions per year UK cinemas were seeing pre-pandemic, around 30 per cent fall within the 15-24 year old bracket and around 20 per cent within the 9-14 year old age group. Since cinemas re-opened last May those proportions are likely to be even higher.