“Vote for equality and hope, not hate!” – ADPD

At a press conference in Gwardamanga yesterday, ADPD – The Green Party spoke about their proposals and vision for an equal and inclusive society.


Mina Tolu, an ADPD candidate on districts 9 and 10, highlighted some of ADPD’s proposals on LGBTQI rights. “This election we have streamlined LGBTQI issues throughout the manifesto, across the areas of health, migration, education, and equality,” they said.

“As a non-binary trans person who is accessing trans specific healthcare through the Gender Wellbeing Clinic, I know as well as other trans people in Malta, how long the waiting lists are. As ADPD we would increase funding to this clinic, to decrease waiting times and allow more inclusive access to this vital service.”

“Additionally in the area of healthcare, we are going to work to truly abolish the ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men. This ban, which still exists in practice if not on paper, is discriminatory and based on misinformation about gay men and HIV in particular.”

“Amongst many other proposals, we also want to highlight our call for family reunification that is inclusive of LGBTQI refugees. And finally, we wish to see the broadening of legal gender recognition policies to allow non-binary people to change their names.”

Carmel Cacopardo, ADPD chairperson and candidate on districts 4 and 9, sent out a strong statement against all forms of hatred, especially that which seeks to dehumanize and silence individuals, their identities, and their expression in all of its diversity.

He said, “unfortunately also in Malta we can observe the rising trend of hatred from far-right groups in society. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, and sexism can and are being used by some politicians to dehumanize individuals in our society. Including during this general election campaign. We cannot accept this.”

“Vote for equality and hope, not hate. ADPD works for a just, and equal society for everyone. Those who seek to silence the marginalized in society should not be trusted when they speak about other topics. Their aim to spread fear and intolerance is disrespectful to all residents in Malta. As it only contributes to a society of hatred and lack of trust between diverse communities.”

Cacopardo ended by stating, “We thank all NGOs who are working in the areas of human rights, for women’s rights, for migrants and refugees, for people with disabilities and LGBTQI people in Malta. Malta would have been a poorer society without their work and contribution throughout the years.”


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