WHO: Obesity in Europe

Obesity rates in the European Region have reached “epidemic proportions,” according to a report issued Tuesday by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.
The figures are increasing: Overweight or obese affects 59% of adults and over one-third of children in Europe, and no country in the area is on pace to reverse the growth of obesity by 2025. Early research from several nations found that during the pandemic, the frequency of being overweight or obese rose in children and teens.
According to WHO Europe’s research, food delivery apps may contribute to the obesity issue by encouraging sedentary behavior. People were urged to stay at home during the pandemic, which increased the adoption of these applications.
The research suggests policies to guarantee that restaurants that are required to provide nutrition information likewise do so on apps, and that meal delivery firms be categorised as food businesses and subject to the same guidelines.
“We need the attention of the highest level of the governments,” said Kremlin Wickramsinghe, ad interim head of the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, during a briefing.

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