WHO responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been a contentious Twitter partner. WHO responds to Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition and internet “misinformation”.
The World Health Organization was queried about the potential of “misinformation” regarding the pandemic on social media following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.
Mike Ryan, the executive director of WHO’s health emergencies program, responded to a query regarding Musk’s $44 billion offer for Twitter by saying that disinformation leads to death.
“When anyone reaches a position in life where they have so much influence over the way information is shared with communities, they take on a huge responsibility,” Ryan said at the press conference in Geneva. “We wish Mr Musk luck with his endeavors to improve the quality of information we all receive.”
“In the case of this pandemic, good information is life-saving,” said Ryan. “Bad information sends you to some very bad places.”
Throughout the pandemic, the WHO has collaborated with social media sites to give “authorised” pandemic information to users. However, it has sparked criticism, particularly for claiming that the virus did not originate in a facility in Wuhan, China, and for making other allegations that eventually determined out to be inaccurate.

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