Why Covid19 restrictions are still in place, questioned Dr. Adrian Delia

During a parliamentary session today, July 5, Dr. Adrian Delia questioned why Malta continues to impose Covid19 limitations, despite the fact that it is well known that Malta has a high rate of Covid19 inoculation. He highlighted some European nations that have entirely removed their travel restrictions, but Malta is the second after France to have limitations.
Delia said that Profs. Charmaine Gauci as Superintendency of Public Health could impose restrictions and control the spread of the virus when we were in an emergency state, but Malta is currently NOT in an emergency hence she is no longer required to continue imposing mandates.
Since the majority of individuals in Malta have had all the required vaccines yet there are still limits in place, this contradicts logic, stated Delia. All restrictions have been removed in other countries with lower vaccination rates.
Dr. Delia enquired about the cost of these vaccinations to date and whether the Purchase Agreement will be amended and extended. He questioned about the vaccine stock that had been acquired and what would be done with this stock as he wrapped up his speech.



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