Zelensky addressing the Maltese Parlament

Ukrainian President Zelensky today addressed the Maltese Parlament.
The speaker of the house Angelo Farrugia started by welcoming the President of Ukraine and adding his remarks.
“As speaker of the Maltese parlament I note with great appreciation the fact that your excellency have chosen and worked hard towards reaching out to parliamentarian across the European Union to spread your nations message. ” started the speaker of the house of representatives. He went on to talk about the conflicting emotions that people might have at this difficult time.
” Malta’s neutrality as entrenched into our constitution does not allow us to contribute militarily conflicts such as the one you are enduring, nonetheless this does not mean that we are turning a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis which your country is going through.” continued Farrugia. ” We will remain  ommitted both on the ground and also locally.
” Our neutral status is complimented by a firm belief that conflicts should first and foremost be addressed through diplomacy ,this is why I belbelieveat national parlaments have a crucial role to play. Parlaments are where different interests and opinions come together and forming exchange of use finding a compromise this is the essence of democracy.” Farrugia went on to remark that he feels it is critical to use dialogue to develop equitable solutions.
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky started his speech by emphasizing that this is not a conflict but a war going on. ” It was Russia who came to our territory and they are killing us.” stated, Zelensky.
Zelensky added that they are doing their best to protect their land and their people and that they are doing their best to bring peace. He showed his gratitude for the opportunity to address the Maltese Parlament.
He mentioned the resilience of the Maltese people in WWII and that defined the future of the Mediterranean. Malta, together with others fighting in the war, not only succeeded to protect itself, but also to join the front line of freedom and play a role in liberating Europe.
He said that tyranny has long going ambitions, by attacking Ukraine, Russia is the start of the aggression on the united Europe and Malta can feel this evil better than other countries.
“2,250 missiles have hit different civilian cities, 277 planes were on Ukrainians sky.” ” Russian planes keep bombing with avian bombs, aviation bombs and phosphorus bombs ” Continued Zelensky.
Zelensky said that Russians have blocked their access for food supplies, water and medications.
” The city of Mariupol and it’s defendants still continue their resistance where we are using all diplomatic instruments to rescue them” said Zelensky.
The Ukrainian President said that the  amount of weapons they need to protect Mariupol have not been provided.
” Just like 80 years ago, the future of Europe is decided on the battlefield ” stated Zelensky.
Russians should be forced to stop as soon as possible said Zelensky after mentioning that 226 children were killed, thousands of adults were killed and 5 million had to flee from the territory of Ukraine.
Zelensky mentioned three instruments to stop this.
First is to have enough weapons that allows them to stand on the battlefield and that it will help them to rescue their people which are being killed by Russian military on a daily basis. ” The longer we procrastinate the more deaths we have” said Zelensky.
Second he referred to the sanctions being imposed on Russia to bring the reality of the loss of revenues from the energy and also have the blocking of the bank transactions. ” The aggressor has to be hurting and be damaged as much as possible” continued Zelensky.
He said that Russia blocked their ports and this lead to a blockade of their agricultural exports and if they can’t export  wheat, barley, sunflower. and sun oil it means that people in Northern Africa and Asia will be lacking food and the prices will go up and this could lead to a chaotic migration crisis.
He said that there must be an embark on the Russian oil mixes and oil products. He understand that this might be difficult for countries to do this but it has to be done. He said that by accepting People with Russians passports, Golden Passport and dual citizen can be dangerous.
” Please block their real estate, their yachts, their bank accounts ,Russian IT, blockchain, propaganda channels ” Said Zelensky. He concluded by thanking the Maltese people for their support.
Prime Minister Robert Abela told the Ukrainian president that while Malta was neutral and non-aligned, “this does not mean that we are silent, blind and deaf to your suffering”.
“We will speak where and when it matters, within international fora and the European Union,” Abela said, telling Zelensky that the Maltese people “are by your side”
Abela stated that Malta will urge for peace and a quick ceasefire by “actions and words.” He promised medical supplies and non-lethal equipment.
Bernard Grech opposition leader also made historical references to Malta’s resistance during WW2.
“Malta is the smallest EU member state, but despite our small size, we stood our ground against Nazism and fascism with success. Which is why the George cross still embellishes the national flag,” he said.
Grech openly stated that Malta will not provide Ukraine with weapons or military equipment, and that the nation was too small to provide significant assistance.
“We have a heart that reaches out to you”, concluded Grech .

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