It is worth your time voting Green on 8th June

“It is worth voting Green in the upcoming elections on 8th June.  If you want to send a strong message loud and clear, you must get out to vote – do not stay at home and let others decide upon your behalf.  It is worth voting green because we are working for a modern country with the quality of life you deserve.”

This was the main message that the Chairperson of ADPD Sandra Gauci delivered during a press conference following the party Annual General Meeting in which the electoral manifestos for the European Parliament and Local Councils elections were approved and candidates contesting these elections on behalf of the party were formally confirmed.

For the European Parliament elections, ADPD is presenting four candidates: Ralph Cassar, Rachelle Deguara, Sandra Gauci and Mina Jack Tolu.  Gauci emphasised that it is worth having Green representatives from Malta in the European Parliament to work towards a more democratic, transparent and representative Europe, where the rights of all are protected.

It is worth voting Green in the upcoming Local Council elections too.  It is worth having people working towards greater transparency, good financial governance, political will, and the consolidation of local democracy.  ADPD – the Green Party is presenting candidates for Attard, Balzan, Birkirkara, Pietà, Birżebbuġa, Marsascala, and St Paul’s Bay.

In her speech, Gauci pointed out that the government of the day is once again resorting to the illegal practice of distributing cheques during an electoral campaign to distract people from cases of corruption, the infrastructural problems that the country is facing, and the impunity that exists in tandem with paralysed institutions.  The practice of cheque distribution has also been condemned by the OSCE.

Gauci reiterated once again ADPD’s call for a law regarding party financing to eliminate illegalities such as excessive spending.  Some of the activities observed amongst some candidates from the two main parties make one wonder as to who is behind such financing and what is being compromised in the process.  At the same time, a party like ADPD is at a disadvantage, including the fact that the Broadcasting Authority appears to favor PLPN, notwithstanding the fact that these two parties already have their own television and radio stations.

“There is the need for changes and reforms to protect the democratic process in this country which is certainly not about distributing cheques a few weeks before an election. But it is people like us who must stand up to the idolatry of people in power and stop accepting bad governance because they are from our preferred political party.  There is the need for maturity, which takes time, but something needs to be done because the country has lost direction.”

“Therefore on the 8th of June, it will be worth each and every person’s time to vote for ADPD candidates who have no other interest except the interest of the country at heart.  If you truly want your rights to be protected, on the 8th of June you should vote for ADPD,” Gauci concluded.

The general meeting also approved the party’s executive committee members as follows:

Sandra Gauci – Chairperson; Melissa Bagley – Deputy Chairperson; Carmel Cacopardo – Deputy Chairperson; Ralph Cassar – Secretary General; Samuel Vella – Deputy Secretary General (Organizational and Administrative); Mario Mallia – Deputy Secretary General (Policy); Brian Decelis – Public Relations Officer; Mina Jack Tolu – Treasurer; Mark Zerafa – International Secretary; and Luke Caruana – Member, Marcus Lauri – Member.

PHOTO (from left to right): ADPD candidates for the European Parliament Mina Jack Tolu, Ralph Cassar, Sandra Gauci Rachelle Deguara.