Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis promises to ‘push back’ Digital IDs

Leslyn Lewis, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP and leadership candidate, has declared that if elected, she will oppose the promotion and use of “Digital IDs” in Canada and elsewhere.
“As leader of the Conservative Party, I will push back on the use of Digital IDs both nationally and internationally,” Lewis wrote in a recent platform update.
“Here is my promise to you. I will take the people who want to implement the WEF (World Economic Fourm) agenda seriously. I will protect Canada from the influence of international entities who don’t have the best interests of Canadians in mind.” Lewis stated.
Lewis in her platform update also called out the World Economic Forum (WEF), saying it is a “collection of politicians and powerful business people who are very open and public about their plans to usher in a Green Industrial Revolution and unite behind their singular views of how societies around the world should operate.”
“Folks who wanted to pretend that this is anything other than a social credit system need to bend over backwards to pretend they don’t understand how credit scores work.”
Lewis said that by “signing on to such an ID, we would be allowing a global body to determine what meets the requirement for an ‘acceptable’ or ‘safe’ traveller.”

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