France will give out €100 to cope with the country’s cost-of-living crisis

The chèque alimentaire (food cheque) is the most recent in a line of initiatives aimed at assisting people in coping with inflation, including energy price caps, subsidies of up to €100, and fuel rebates.
The chèque alimentaire is going to be in a form of cash payment deposited straight into the bank account.
On Wednesday, government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire said that the payment will be for €100 + €50 for each kid living in a home that is eligible.
All households who receive the RSA top-up benefit, the AAH disabled adults’ allowance, the ASPA pensioners’ allowance, or the APL housing benefit will receive payments in September.
Last year, the government gave low-income households a chèque energie, another €100 payment, to assist them cope with growing energy costs.
Prices for domestic gas and electricity have also been set at a limit until the end of the year, and drivers can get an 18c per litre fuel refund.